Slappy is the main antagonist in the 1998 film Tonia 2. He is a sadistic dummy and Tonia's enemy.

Slappy and his crew went on a boat to go to the jungle. With the introduction of Tonia, Slappy makes pictures slides on to let Tonia and friends see them. At night, a driver takes Slappy and his crew to the movie theater. After the theater, Slappy and Tonia share a moment. The dummy manipulates the rabbit into believing to charm. In the jungle, Slappy tries to kill Freddy and Melvin, who are dressed at spies. Tonia, however is shocked and has Kristian, the brown bear to distract. Kristian returns angrily and charges at Slappy, who tries to kill Tonia's friends, but Tonia stops him from doing it. Disowned, Kristian was out of control, Slappy storms off, leaving Tonia to be shocked. In the lair, Slappy explains to the crew that they will destroy Tonia and her friends. The horror crew capture the animals. Kristian attempted to rescue. Slappy slowly approaches the bear and prepares to kill him. Tonia kicks the dummy in the stomach. She saves Kristian, who was captured. From the jungle, Slappy smacks Tonia in the face. Before Slappy tries to kill her, Kristian sees this and charges toward him, but Slappy turns and overpowers Kristian with a crowbar. Tonia and Slappy fight in the jungle. They exchange blows. When nature wins, Tonia points the sword at Slappy. Slappy teases Tonia that she is a scared little bunny. Tonia tells him that she is not scared. An angered Slappy uses his knife to slash the rabbit, but Tonia dodges and kicks his knife away. Slappy chokes Tonia, Tonia throws him to the tree. Tonia slowly walks to Slappy and points the knife at him. Slappy uses his last words. saying if someone is gone, they will never leave. He pulls a bomb and press it. Tonia runs off as Slappy laughs evilly and is exploded.