Kristian is the deuteragonist in the 1995 film Tonia, who was a brown male bear.

Kristian is first seen in the film as a young cub with his parents in their nest. He plays with his mother and father. Their parents' happiness is shattered when Kristian wanders in the forest, only to be attacked by Razor Krueger. Overhearing the commotion, his parents tried to fight the tiger, but the man-eating predator kills them. A horrified Kristian runs away as Razor Krueger chases after. After pursuing Razor Krueger, Kristian became an adult as he sits on the ground in a few years later when Tonia sees him and asks him what happened. Kristian says that Razor Krueger killed his parents when he feel scared of the tiger. Tonia asks if Kristian wants to join her and her friends. Kristian agrees and shakes her hand.

One day, Kristian teams up with Tonia and her friends at the village. When Razor Krueger attacks Tonia's friends and pursues them, he nevertheless comes to his defense and does battle with the tiger. Though appearing to have the upper hand, he is outmatched by Razor Krueger when he claws his chest and bites his shoulder. After throwing him off, the bear lies injured and almost helpless as the tiger lunges at him to deliver a killing blow, but Tonia intervenes, kicking him backward. Kristian watches from a ledge as Tonia succeeds in killing Razor Krueger after a vicious and protracted fight and then stands on his body and raises her sword in triumph.