Vital statistics
Title Secret Face of Genesis
Gender Male
Race Demon
Faction Supplicants
Health Immortal (Surgically Transformed)
Level Leader
Status Alive
Location Burning Places
Primordium (Temporarily)
The artisan Agonistes is a shaper of flesh and artisan within the Primordium, offering to transform those who need it into monstrously beautiful beings through ritualistic mutilation and surgery. According to legend, he was born on the seventh day of Creation when God chose to form new beings of dark and questionable beauty not made in His image as Adam and Eve were. These monstrous beings, so terrifying to behold, were excluded from Eden and cursed by their Creator as demons. Agonistes was one of these beings, a creator and artist who wonders "the Burning Places" - places of human suffering.

Background Edit

Excluded from Eden and exiled to Primordium by God Himself, the exact specifics of Agonistes' early history have never been revealed. What is known is at some point, he became a shaper of flesh; wondering the so-called Burning Places in search of Supplicants - broken and misguided humans in need of enlightenment. Seeking to elevate them through painful reconstruction, Agonistes performs monstrous surgeries on those who consent to it. The earliest of these Supplicants was Judas Iscariot, who whined and begged for death so loudly and pitifully from the pain of the transformation that Agonistes hung him from a tree.