Efreet - 6am

Unlike its neighbour Speckle Frew, Efreet was once an island of great sophistication. The city of Koy, considered to have been the most cultured city in the Abarat, was built on the lower steppes of the island. Opinions vary as to how long it stood and why it fell, but what remains of the city - rows of pillars, archways, and frescoes - testifies to a site of elegance and learning.

Efreet is also home to five infamous beasts; the armoured orange Waztrill; the Thrak, a purple beast with a small head and huge bugeyes; the serpentine Vexile; the shaggy, blue, lice-infested Sanguinius; and the Fever Gibe, a beast who walks on two legs and has an opening in its head which opens and closes like a giant fan.