The Supersonic Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog/Transcript

[Cut to the skyline, The Supersonic Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog logo appears. We fade into George J. Falconstein in the office.]

Falconstein: Welcome to Daily Horn, I'm editor in chef, George J. Falconstein. But then you know that Daily Horn is more than a newspaper. We are a force for good in an incredible overrun with superfast pests, eager to destroy the American way of life. Daily Horn was proud to play an instrumental role in the tracking and capture of countless supervillains over the years, including the greatest threat to our city since W.W. II, that impertinent, fleet-footed varmint with a pair of red shoes: Sonic! And I know most of the people in this town call him a hero and will rattle on about how he saved the mayor, he saved the city, he saved the world? Blah, blah, blah! But I say he's a supersonic hero. Pah! He's a nuisance! I have railed almost single-handedly against this impertinent insectivore for as long as I can remember! And if you think George J. Falconstein and Daily Horn are done with that fast-footed vermin, have I got news for you! Are we done? What do you mean, inappropriate?

(Fades to the Newscopter 7 reporters Steve Wilson and Joanna Powell)

Steve: We're back. It's a city in terror tonight thanks to the Death Egg Syndicate as reports pour in of fire, theft and what has been described as a strange yellow levitation ray that has lifted and removed the Statue of Liberty.

Joanna: The New York Police Department does not yet have a handle on this chaotic situation and advises everyone who can stay indoors to do just that.

Steve: And apparently we have Michael Underhill.

(An image of Michael Underhill zooms to the screen.)

Michael Underhill: In the city of tumult and turmoil, Wall Street sits eerily silent tonight. While Eggman and his gang rain havoc on the rest of Manhattan, the abandoned streets of the--- Whoa!

(Clawbeast, one of the Death Egg Syndicate villains appears as Michael runs away. Three police cars encounter him as Clawbeast grabs one of the cars and throws it at the other car, causing them to explode. He roars loudly.)

Steve: I'm going to have to interrupt, Michael. We have Lori Iser at the docks near Liberty Island. Lori, can you hear me? Are we on?

(Cut to Lori at the docks)

Lori: Yes, Steve. I'm standing on Pier 18. Drago Wolf, reputed member of the Death Egg Syndicate has destroyed nearly half the pier and is even now repelling any police to attempt to stop him. Get a shot of that!

(The camera rolls to Drago Wolf attacking the cops and defeating them. Other cops encounter, but Drago Wolf knocks them out. The camera rolls back to Lori.)

Lori: From the reports, I'm getting, this kind of madness is occurring throughout the city. What? I can't quite-- Oh, that can't be. Barry, come on!(runs to find out about the Statue of Liberty)We're getting word right now that the Statue of Liberty is--(looks up at the Statue of Liberty floating in the air)Oh my god! It's true! By all that is good and holy, what have they done? Oh, is there no end to this madness?

(Cut to Steve and Joanna)

Steve: Oh, we're back.(puts the mirror away)You know, when you see that kind of drama, you realize what's important, don't you?

Joanna: That you do, Steve. Now we go live to Station Square where our own Melvin Chan is standing by.

(Cut to Melvin Chan in Station Square)

Melvin: I'm standing in front of Station Square which as you can see is fully engulfed in flame. This fire is believed to have been caused by a ruptured gas line when the building was levitated by the Death Egg Syndicate and their levitation ray. At this point, firemen believe the structure is empty and--(hears a voice and looks up at a little boy being trapped in the building)Oh no! There's a child trapped in the building. The firemen are trying to get a ladder up to him, but there's not much time. I don't think---

(The flame emerges from the building as Sonic the Hedgehog appears)

Melvin: Holy cow! It's Sonic!

(Sonic sees the boy in the building. He leaps and catches the child from the building)

Melvin: He's got him!

(Sonic releases the boy)

Boy: Thanks, Sonic

Sonic: Sure thing, kid.(runs off) See you later!

Melvin: He's safe. He's safe. This is amazing. In all my years of--

(Cut to Steve)

Steve: To recap tonight's dramatic story, the Death Egg Syndicate has absconded with our city's, and indeed the nation's greatest symbol of freedom, the State of Liberty .

Joanna: Shown here in the surveillance photos are the notorious members of the Syndicate: Dr. Eggman, Clawbeast, Predator Hawk, Fang the Sniper, and Drago Wolf.

Steve: Separately, they're each horribly evil in their own right but together, oh!

Joanna: Police advise you to stay in your homes for obvious reasons and leave phone lines open for emergency services.

Steve:(gets up) Well, everything's, uh, okay down under the table.

Joanna: Okay. Apparently we're now going live to Newscopter 7

(Cut to Robert in the Newcopter)

Robert: This is Newscopter 7 live over Manhattan, a city held hostage by a yellow light. I was high over the city when Lady Liberty was taken lifted actually straight into the air by the--(see Fang the Sniper in camera) Whoa! Could you see that on camera? That was Fang the Sniper, member of the Death Egg Syndicate, who was using a pistol to shoot our--

(Fang shoots the helicopter's wing)

Robert: Whoa! Are you getting this? Hit the other camera!

(The camera cuts to Sonic racing in the city as he sees the helicopter. He bring a trampoline to make the helicopter safe.)

Robert: Way to go, Sonic!

(Cut to Steve)

Steve: Sorry to interrupt, Robert, but were going live to the mayor's emergency press conference.

(Cut to the mayor)

Mayor: Once again, we are doing everything in our power to stop the Death Egg Syndicate and recover the Statue of Liberty. But in the meantime, I am imposing--

(Predator Hawk flies past and the mayor ducks)

Sonic: Get down!

Predator Hawk:(comes back) Surrender the city, young lady.

(He flies off. Then, Sonic arrives)

Sonic: I'll get that flying punk.(runs to get Predator Hawk)

Audience: Thanks, Sonic.

(Cut to Steve and Joanna)

Steve: Very dramatic footage. It really speaks to the heart. You know, I--

Joanna: We seem to have lost our feed to City Hall. Do we have Copter 5? No. Okay. Let's roll the take to the Syndicate.

(Cut to the words "FILE TALE: EGG SYNDICATE" and the number 3 turns into the 2 and 2 turns into the number 1. The camera cuts to Fang the Sniper shooting in the city)

Steve: First seen working as a group early last year, the Death Egg Syndicate consists of Fang the Sniper, a mischievous villian who uses has a revolver as a weapon.

(Cuts to Predator Hawk and cuts to Sonic running as he sees Predator Hawk as he attacks with his claws. Sonic dodges and jumps on him. Predator Hawk tries to knock him off, but Sonic grabs his arms)

Joanna: Predator Hawk, another member of the Syndicate has plagued in Manhattan with his skills: flight and hunting prey.

(Sonic and Predator Hawk both crash into the screen as the camera cuts to Clawbeast running on the stairs of a house)

Steve: Clawbeast, an alien monster whose lion-like hair and claws.

(He pounces and smashes a car)

Steve: I'd hate to see him on a bad brute day.

(Cuts to Drago Wolf beating up the cops)

Joanna: And Drago Wolf, a wolf warrior who disobeys orders and doing things his way.

(Cuts to Dr. Eggman doing potion)

Steve: And then, the Syndicate's leader, Dr. Eggman, an evil scientist who is right at the beginning of the greatest empire of all time.

(Cuts to him controlling a robot to beat up Sonic)

Steve: And to make several times to conquer the world.

Eggman: Don't toy with me, hedgehog!(throws Sonic to the wall)

(Cut to Sonic standing on top of the building)

Steve: The wild card in this equation is the blue speedster himself: Sonic the Hedgehog. While most consider him a hero a few say he's just a supersonic hero, putting himself above the law.

(Cuts to Sonic as he winks his eye at the screen and starts running as the camera cuts to Falconstein and the crew)

Falconstein: He's just a supersonic hero, putting himself above the law.

(Cut to Steve and Joanna)

Joanna: Well, Steve, I'm just glad Sonic's on our side, especially tonight.

Steve: You said it, Joanna, because tonight the Death Egg Syndicate has taken its criminal rampage to a new level stealing the Statue of Liberty.

(Cut to Dr. Eggman, using a ray gun in his Egg Mobile, lifting the Statue of Liberty)

Steve: In all my years as a newsman, I have never. What? We're going live now to Donna Goodhart.

(The camera cut to Donna Goodhart in the city)

Donna: I'm here, Steve, but I don't know for how much longer. Dr. Eggman, leader of the Death Egg Syndicate is less than 100 yards up the block from here and--

(The camera pans to Dr. Eggman in his Egg Mobile carrying a levitation ray)

Donna: Dr. Eggman has just fired what must be the levitating device and we've heard so much about and--

(Predator Hawk appears and the levitating head of the Statue of Liberty follows him)

Donna: It's Predator Hawk! This is unbelievable! Look Out!

(A wreaking ball hits the screen and the camera cuts to Steve)

Steve: Madina, the baby gorilla, is the newest addition to the New York Zoo in Central Park as--

(The camera pans to Joanna)

Joanna: We're getting word now that the Roxxon building in Upper Manhattan has been completely destroyed by Syndicate members. We go live now to Fred Hatem. Fred.

(Cut to Fred Hatem)

Fred: On a rampage of destruction, the Syndicate has destroyed--

(Sonic leaps down on an ambulance van. He turns to look at a unconscious woman on the ground. He jumps off the van and picks her up.)

Sonic: Hey! Put down that camera and get this lady to the hospital.(gives the woman to Fred.) TV news. Sheesh!

(Sonic races off and the camera turns off and turns back on to reveal the Death Egg Syndicate members and Dr. Eggman appears)

Dr. Eggman: I am Dr. Eggman, infamous leader of the Death Egg Syndicate. And one day... the WORLD.

(Predator Hawk flies past)

Dr. Eggman: I apologize for interrupting your inane situation comedies and sophomoric cartoon shows but, you should have observed by now that we have laid plunder to your city...

(Drago Wolf interrupts him)

Drago Wolf: We took a bite of the Big Apple.

(Eggman punches Drago in the face)

Dr. Eggman: ...and have burgled your beloved sea side statue,(shows a picture) Lady Liberty.

(Fang the Sniper snatches the picture from Eggman and looks at the screen)

Fang: Good eye, mate!(laughs evilly and walks off)

Dr. Eggman: With my brilliant mind,(holds a levitation gun) I have created a Fusion Anti-Gravity Manipulator that can bypass the Earth's gravitational pull to levitate virtually anything.(uses the anti-gravity gun to lift up a truck and puts it down, causing to crash and open a huge amount of money bags. Clawbeast appears and digs the money)

Dr. Eggman: My demands are simple and non negotiable and the complete and utter surrender of New York City. Merely the step in our world wide conquest. You have thirty minutes for the complete and unconditional surrender of your city or you will never see your beloved Beacon of Freedom again.

(Eggman walks off and Clawbeast plays with the money. Fang the Sniper pulls his pistol and shoot the screen, causing the camera to switch to George J. Falconstein)

Falconstein: ... or my name isn't George J. Falconstein!(sigh) I'm going to be straight with you people. These nutcases are serious. You're all I've got left to find out what really going on out there. My staff was gone AWOL..

(Sonic spin dashes through the window and makes a plus sign pose)

Falconstein: half missing and half run home to mommy, the lousy gutless wimps! Speaking of which, Marco! Where is that spineless moron? If I had my way, I'd fire that wallflower in a minute, but I'll be darned if he doesn't snag some great pictures. Although, he's not here in the next thirty seconds, all the photos in the world won't save his scrawny behind. Marco!

(Marco comes in)

Marco: Chief, you called!

Falconstein: I've been calling you for the last 45 minutes, you good-for-nothing...

Marco:(interrupts and hands Falconstein rolls of film) Look at the front page. There's more where these came from.

Falconstein: Listen, you worthless waste of wampum. I need to know what's going on out there. I'm so desperate, I'm about to send a bunch of tourists out there in a new Troop vehicle.

Marco: The Troop? With a bunch of wet-behind-the-tourists? You're kidding, right?

Falconstein: Well, you and your cowardly colleagues have dropped off the face of the Earth. I need someone that I can count on to get out there and be our eyes on the street, and if I can con those dupes into doing their civic duty, why not use them?

Marco:(gestures to the camera to remind Falconstein who is watching) Mr. Falconstein, the Troop is a state-of-the-art, high-powered vehicle. This has "dangerous" written all over it.

Falconstein: Listen, you lily-livered loser! The only danger is that we miss snagging the Pulitizer Prize..

(The camera feed fills with static and returns to the Death Egg Syndicate)

Predator Hawk: interrupt your regular programming to bring you this special report. Tonight, we bring you the leader of the Death Egg Syndicate, Dr. Eggman!

(Predator Hawk flies off and Dr. Eggman arrives in his Egg Mobile)

Dr. Eggman: Can it, Predator Hawk. I thought a little demonstration of my new Levitation Ray might help convince the unbelievers of my power.

(As a train approaches, Eggman fires the Levitation Ray, sending it high into the air and moves the train)

Dr. Eggman: What goes up, must come down!

(The train plummets into the water below and Fang the Sniper goes on it)

Fang: We've got the power!

(Fang bounces off and Eggman comes down in his Egg Mobile)

Dr. Eggman: You have thirty minutes to surrender your city, or we will destroy your Statue of Liberty.

(Drago Wolf pounces on the train)

Drago Wolf: Forever!

(Clawbeast attacks the camera, which fades to static and switches to Falconstein's office)

Falconstein: and you better remember that!

Marco: Listen, things are going from bad to worse out there. I got to go save the ci-uh, I mean save some of this action on film.

Falconstein: Thank you, Marco. You're as useful as a wet pile of newspapers. Oh, yeah, you guys. Listen, my people are gone. Half have abandoned ship, and the others... probably trapped out there somewhere, cold and hungry and... and not getting any good pictures!

(Falconstein walks to his desk, but Sonic tags the window)

Sonic: Tag!

Falconstein: Get off my building, you spiky-quilled vermin! That's trespassing! Big help that little blue rat will be. But I have an ace up my! And the Troop. Our high-tech, brand new surveillance vehicle.(plays with a scale model of the Troop on his desk) Look, you ever do any high-speed slot racing? Ah, Hell, a chimp could drive it, like that kid there. Listen, you people are my last hope to get the lowdown of the Death Egg Syndicate. You gotta be my eyes out there. Keep your eyes out for these degenerate scum and anything else that might make a good headline. Uh, I mean, that might help save our fair city. Use the Troop, get the skinny, and get your butts back here. If you pull it off, by God, I'll give you each a free paper. Not the Sunday edition, but a paper nonetheless. George J. Falconstein won't be caught with his pants down! I'm a fighter, and by God...

Ride of the Troop

(Riders board the Troop vehicle in three rows of four and don 3-D glasses. The Troop pulls forward to the loading dock while the Troop Team runs in final diagnostics)

Falconstein: Hello? This is George J. Falconstein. Roger. Over.(taps microphone) Is this thing on? Listen, Troop. Crime reports are coming in all over the city and I'm starting to get worried.

(The radio static is heard. A blue hedgehog signal appears)

Falconstein: Did you see that? The hedgehog signal! With Sonic nearby, trouble can't be far away, and you know what trouble means. Headlines! So don't screw this up! I mean, uh, good luck.

(Sonic the Hedgehog appears)

Sonic: Man, you shouldn't be out here.

(Sonic jumps onto the Troop vehicle)

Sonic: With Eggman on the loose, this could be the most dangerous night on my life, and yours!

(Behind Sonic is a distant explosion)

Sonic: Be careful.

(Sonic jumps off of the vehicle and runs off. When the Troop turns around, a garbage truck is speeding down the narrow alleyway, on a collision course of riders. The radio static is heard)

Falconstein: Was that Sonic? That no-good(static)-king blue porcupine(static)

(The Troop dodges by smashing the doors of a large warehouse. Inside, industrial, shelving supports large wooden crates, infested with rats. High above, supported by the shelves, is what appears to the tablet of the Statue of Liberty)

Predator Hawk: Dr. Eggman, everything's going as planned.

Dr. Eggman: Excellent! And with my anti-gravity cannon, even Sonic won't be able to stop me.

(As the Troop rounds the corner, riders gets their first glimpse of Dr. Eggman, Predator Hawk, Clawbeast, Drago Wolf, and Fang the Sniper)

Predator Hawk: You mean stop us.

Dr. Eggman: Yes, of course.

(Dr. Eggman fires the weapon on the hand and torch, causing it to glow green and rise into the air. Clawbeast jumps on top of it)

Falconstein: Hey! What's going on?

Fang: What was that?

(The villains take notice of the Troop, which darts to the left to escape. Fang the Sniper escapes. The Troop weaves between some pipes and electrical equipment before arriving at large platform with boxes and crates. Fang the Sniper walks to the vehicle, holding two Pop Guns)

Fang: Intruders! If you think you're getting out of here(laughs), you're in for a shot!

(Fang fires the Pop Guns at the Troop, causing it to shake violently. Fang laughs maniacally, but the Pop Gun bullet hits him, causing Fang to fall backwards. The Troop darts to the right. The Troop faces a military tanks. Clawbeast runs down the barrel and pounces toward the Troop)

Dr. Eggman: Out of the way, they're mine!

(Dr. Eggman catches him with a mechanical tentacle from his Egg Mobile. Still, the alien monster swats at the riders, narrowly missing, and roars savagely at them. Eggman yanks him back, and aims the anti-gravity cannon at the Troop. The Troop spins around. Eggman fires the cannon, levitating the head of the Statue of Liberty high above the Troop)

Predator Hawk: You missed! Blast them again!

(The Troop lunges forward. Dr. Eggman fires the anti-gravity cannon again, hitting a wooden crate just ahead of the Troop, causing it to rise into the air)

Dr. Eggman: Stop them!

(The Troop dives to the right, sending riders spinning and careening down a sewer tunnel. The tunnel leads to a large pool in the sewage network. There, riders meet up again with Sonic, standing on a pipe and addressing riders)

Sonic: So much for being careful. Just get back to Daily Horn and--- uh oh.

(Next to Sonic is Drago Wolf. Sonic punches Drago Wolf two times in the face, with no luck. Drago Wolf is ready to pounce)

Sonic: Look out!

(Sonic dives away and Drago Wolf lunges and knocks the Troop back, and the vehicle turn to face a brick wall. From behind the wall, something hits it, causing a few bricks to pop out of place. The wall is struck again, a wreaking ball protrudes from the resulting hole, sending an avalanche of bricks onto the vehicle. Dr. Eggman enters the hole in his Egg Mobile and threatens the riders)

Dr. Eggman: Don't leave now! Thing are just starting to heat up!

(With a tentacle on the side of his Egg Mobile, Eggman grabs the bumper of the Troop vehicle and another he aims at the riders, which the doctor opens to reveal a flamethrower. Riders feel the heat of the weapon. The Troop thrusts into reverse as Eggman pulls. The bumper flies off the vehicle, sending both the Troop and Eggman backwards. The Troop spins around to a set of stairs, and climbs them to return to street level. This lets out just beside the Brooklyn Bridge. There, Predator Hawk flies toward the Troop)

Predator Hawk: See these claws? I will slice you to pieces!

(Before Predator Hawk tries to attack, Sonic jumps onto his back)

Sonic: Oh no, you don't!

(Sonic grabs Predator Hawk's hand, causing the hawk to grunt and the Troop spin around and heads into the street)

Falconstein: Troop! My beautiful Troop!

(And at the far end, Dr. Eggman terrorizes the citizens. Sonic jumps onto the movie theater)

Sonic: Whoa, that was close.

(Eggman fires the anti-gravity cannon at the marquee Sonic was standing on)

Sonic: Whoa, Eggman, your aim's worse than your glasses.

(Dr. Eggman uses a mechanical hand from the left side of his Egg Mobile and swats at Sonic and then misses. Sonic jumps to attack, but is knocked far away by it. Eggman turns to face the Troop and aims the cannon)

Dr. Eggman: Well, it's good enough for your sitting-duck friends.

(Dr. Eggman fires the cannon, causing the Troop to rise high into the air)

Dr. Eggman: Have a nice trip! Ho ho ho ho!

(Sonic jumps on buildings, trying to the rising Troop)

Sonic: Hey, wait for me! You're not insured for this! I'm getting down from here.

(Sonic tries to run down, but Predator Hawk swoops in and catches him, sending Sonic and the riders high into the air. Predator Hawk throws Sonic onto the side of a building spare and Clawbeast jumps up and pins the hedgehog down. The momentum leaves the Troop high above. Predator Hawk surveils nearby, but the Troop knocks Predator Hawk. The Troop rotates to face skyward, where riders see Fang the Sniper and Drago Wolf looming from above. Meanwhile, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, and then breaks free from Clawbeast)

Fang: You wankers have short-circuited our plans long enough!.

Drago Wolf: You will pay for this.

(Sonic, now transformed into Super Sonic, smashes through the window, and dives toward the Troop)

Sonic: Guest again, super-goon!

Fang: Sonic!

(Fang prepares to shoot Super Sonic, but Super Sonic dodges and flies away. The billboard explodes, knocking Fang and Drago Wolf away. The Troop turns to face the ground again)

Dr. Eggman: Happy landing!

(Dr. Eggman once again aims the anti-gravity cannon at the Troop. but this time it fire a red light, causing the Troop to land on the edge of the building. Sonic, in Super Sonic form, lunges at Eggman and knocks the doctor off the building, but is too late)

Dr. Eggman: Ugh!

Sonic: No!

(The Troop teeters on the edge of the building before plummeting. The Troop spins downward and a trampoline is seen below as the vehicle lands on it. The Troop hops once and lands on its wheels, and continues down the street. There, Sonic, in normal form, addresses the riders. Behind the hedgehog, the each member of the Death Egg Syndicate is arrested by the cops. And behind them, the Statue of Liberty is reassembled and returned to Liberty Island by helicopters)

Sonic: Guess that wraps things up. You guys did alright.

(Sonic turns around and gives a thumbs up to the cops and the cops do thumbs ups. Sonic looks at the riders)

Sonic: But don't give your day job. Say cheese!

(Sonic reveals a camera and takes a picture of the Troop. Behind him, the members of Syndicate are sent to jail)

Sonic: See you later!