The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog/Transcript

[Cut to the skyline, The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog logo appears. We fade into George J. Falconstein in the office.]

George J. Falconstein: Welcome to Daily Horn, I'm editor in chef, George J. Falconstein. But then you know that Daily Horn is more than a newspaper. We are a force for good in an incredible overrun with superfast pests, eager to destroy the American way of life. Daily Horn was proud to play an instrumental role in the tracking and capture of countle supervillains over the years, including the greatest threat to our city since W.W. II. That blue, speed-dashing varmint with a pair of red shoes, Sonic! And I know most of the people in this town call him a hero. How he saved the mayor, he saved the city, he saved the world? Blah, blah, blah! But I say he's a supersonic hero. Pah! He's a nuisance! I have railed almost single-handedly against this blue insectivore for as long as I can remember! And if you think George J. Falconstein and Daily Horn are done with that spin-dashing vermin, have I got news for you! Are we done? What do you mean, inappropriate?

(Fades to the Newscopter 7 reporters Steve Wilson and Joanna Powell)

Steve: We're back. It's a city in terror tonight thanks to the Egg Syndicate as reports pour in of fire, theft and what has been described as a strange yellow levitation ray that has lifted and removed the Statue of Liberty.

Joanna: The New York Police Department does not yet have a handle on this chaotic situation and advises everyone who can stay indoors to do just that.

Steve: And apparently we have Michael Underhill.

(An image of Michael Underhill zooms to the screen.)

Michael Underhill: In the city of tumult and turmoil, Wall Street sits eerily silent tonight. While Dr. Eggman and his gang rain havoc on the rest of Manhattan, the abandoned streets of the--- Whoa!

(Fang the Sniper, one of the Egg Syndicate villains appears as Michael runs away. Three police cars encounter him as Fang shoots them. The camera cuts to Joanna.)

Joanna: Shown here in the surveillance photos are the notorious members of the Syndicate: Dr. Eggman, Fang the Sniper, Fleabyte, Predator Hawk, and Drago.

Steve: Separately, they're each horribly evil in their own right but together, oh!

Joanna: Let's roll the tape.

(Cut to the words "FILE TALE: EGG SYNDICATE" and the number 3 turns into the 2 and 2 turns into the number 1. The camera cuts to Fleabyte in a photo picture.)

Narrator: First seen working as a group early last year, the Egg Syndicate consists of Fleabyte, a Wild West-styled cat, who uses has a robotic arm and a gun as weapons.

(A second photo picture of Predator Hawk appears)

Narrator: Predator Hawk, another member of the Syndicate has plagued in Manhattan with his skills: flight and hunting prey.

(A third photo picture of Fang the Sniper appears)

Narrator: Fang the Sniper, a mischievous treasure hunter from Australia whose gun and a brown hat. I'd hate to see him on a gun day.

(A fourth picture of Drago appears)

Narrator: And Drago, a wolf warrior who disobeys orders and doing things his way.

(A fifth picture of Dr. Eggman appears)

Narrator: And then, the Syndicate's leader Dr. Eggman, an evil scientist who is right at the beginning of the greatest empire of all time.

(Cut to Sonic racing in the Green Hill Zone)

Narrator: The wild card in this equation is the blue hedgehog himself: Sonic. While most consider him a hero a few say he's just a supersonic hero, putting himself above the law.

(Cut to Mr. Peanut and the crew)

Mr. Peanut: He's just a supersonic hero, putting himself above the law.

(Cut to Steve and Joanna)

Joanna: Well, Steve, I'm just glad Sonic's on our side, especially tonight.

Steve: You said it, Joanna, because tonight the Egg Syndicate has taken its criminal rampage to a new level stealing the Statue of Liberty.

(Cut to Dr. Eggman, using a ray gun in his Egg Mobile, lifting the Statue of Liberty)

Steve: In all my years as a newsman, I have never. What? We're going live now to Donna Goodhart.

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