Vital statistics
Title Lord of Hell (Usurped by Hell Priest)
Morning Star
Prince of Darkness
Gender Male
Race Angel
Faction Heaven (Exiled)
Hell (Abandoned)
Health Immortal
Level Archangel
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Location Earth
Lucifer is a character introduced in The Scarlet Gospels. A fallen archangel, Lucifer was exiled from his native Heaven after inciting a rebellion against the authority of God. Upon his defeat, he was cast into a black abyss of Creation where he would construct the world of Hell as a pseudo-paradise to remind him of the grace of God. Unable to cope with the loss of God's presence and love, a despondent Lucifer retreated into Hell's innermost cathedral and proceeded to commit suicide. His physical body dead, only his armor retained the slightest remnants of his power and essence.

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