(Fade to Wumpa Island, where Crash Bandicoot walks and sings along. He hears a gun sound. The camera zooms to Pinstripe Potoroo wielding a Tommy Gun and shooting. Crash appears and encounters him. He uses a spinning move as Pinstripe tries to shoot, but Crash knocks the bullets away and defeats him. The camera cuts to a newspaper in a black background. It shows an image of Crash. The camera fades to the Crash Bandicoot Coaster logo in a sunburst. The intro card reveals a female rabbit news reporter holding a microphone.)

News Reporter: This is Rabina Goodhart live for Wumpa News where people cheered for Crash Bandicoot, a brave orange bandicoot who saves the day.

Crash: Yahoo!!

( A wumpa fruit reveals to Dr. Neo Cortex and N. Brio in the lair.)

Cortex: There is no greater nuisance to the world than that orange-furred creature known as Crash Bandicoot. I call him a mutant that must be destroyed.

(Cut to Cortex in his airship.)

Cortex: We have him surround. Go, go go! I want Crash Bandicoot dead or alive. Don't let him get away! FIRE!!

(Zoom to Crash)

Cortex: Destroy that orange-furred critter in the bridge!

(Crash uses a spinning tornado technique to defeat Cortex. He then uses a box to throw it at Cortex's airship, causing to fall.)

Cortex: NO! Retreat, RETREAT!!!

(The airship then falls and vanishes in a huge explosion. Crash shouts in triumph as the scene image zooms away, then another image zooms in with a psychologist.

Psychologist: Well, from a professional psychologist point of view, I doubt this Crash Bandicoot thingy even exists. He smashes every box, fights enemies, and saves the day in Wumpa Island.

(A wumpa fruit reveals a lab assistant in N. Sanity Beach)

Lab Assistant: Dispatch! All units, we need back up real bad.

(Crash appears)

Lab Assistant: This Crash Bandicoot thing is tearing us apart. We have twelve units here.

(Crash charges at him)

Lab Assistant: I don't think an entire battalion could handle this vermin! Heeeelp!

(Crash knocks him out and shouts a 'Yahoo!' catchphrase. Suddenly, a camera flash appears and reveals a picture of Crash. Aku Aku appears.)

Aku Aku: Crash has collected all the crystals and defeated all the enemies.

(A flash reveals Cortex and a lab assistant in the lair)

Cortex: Are you telling me that we have the power of the entire N. Sanity military at our disposal, and we can't stop one brainless orange skunk!?!? I want that infernal Crash and I want him NOW!!