Razor Krueger is the secondary antagonist, who is a Siberian male tiger in the 1995 film Tonia. His roars are a mixture of three felines, including tigers, lions and leopards.

In the opening credits, Razor Krueger's eyes are seen as he growls.. After a mother and father are resting, a baby deer was playing far off, Razor Krueger spots him. The baby deer tries to rush to his family, but Razor Krueger corners him, leaving his mother shocked and cry on the father's chest. Later on, Tonia was hold by her mother in the tree house as a baby, when Razor Krueger suddenly appears and attacks. As Tonia's mother escapes, Razor Krueger got caught up with some rope. Razor Krueger later appears about in the middle of the film where he ambushes and attacks Tonia, Ruffles, and Shimmer. Kristian tries to fight him, but is no match for the tiger's speed and agility and receives a wound to the chest. Before Razor Krueger can kill him, Tonia comes in swinging on a rope, kicking the tiger. During the fight, Razor Krueger knocks Tonia's sword off her hand. The sword falls onto the ground. Tonia heads after it and grabs it. Razor Krueger charges at her, but is impaled to death as Tonia drops the tiger, finally killing him. Tonia raises her sword up as she stands on Razor Krueger's dead body.

In Tonia 2, Razor Krueger made a brief appearance where he encounters Tonia and chases her in the dark room. Razor Krueger nearly kills Tonia, but then the sudden growl of Mr. Flice Guy frightens off the tiger.

In the 2003 game Kung Fu Monkey, Razor Krueger is featured as a boss. After, the main character, Rockie Chan falls in the circus, Razor Krueger attempts to kill him, but Rockie beats Razor Krueger back until Tonia appears and drives him off.

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