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Razor Krueger is the secondary antagonist, who is a Siberian male tiger in the 1997 film Tonia.

Razor Krueger killed Kristian's parents in the flashback. Krueger appears in the middle of the film where he attacks Tonia's friends. Kristian fights him, but is no match for the tiger's speed and agility. Before Razor Krueger attacks the bear, Tonia comes in swinging on a rope, kicking the tiger. During the fight, Tonia finds a knife. Razor Krueger lands on her and is impaled on the knife by the bunny once and for all.

In Tonia 2, Razor Krueger made a brief appearance where he suddenly encounters Tonia and chases her in the dark room. Razor Krueger then nearly kills Tonia, but then the sudden growl of Mr. Flice Guy frightens off the tiger.

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