The Pyramids of Xuxux - 1am

"There is no quieter place in the Abarat" than at One o'Clock in the morning, where the six Pyramids of Xuxux rise out of the dark and uncannily placid waters of the Izabella. Some have suggested that these pyramids and the Ziggurat of Soma Plume at 5:00 p.m. were designed by the same hand and built by the same masons. The writer of Klepp's Almenak, the omnipresent traveler's guide to the Abarat, disagrees, claiming that the tombs at Soma Plume are "calm and curiously reassuring places" whereas the six pyramids at Xuxux are "sites of mystery and tragedy". The character Christopher Carrion uses the pyramids as a breeding-ground for the ravenous, chaotically diverse, monstrous insects known as the Sacbrood.

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