Tortured Souls

Tortured SoulsEdit

Tortured Souls is a series of six action figures and a novelette starring the characters of the series. Distributed by McFarlane Toys, each of the figures included a chapter of the 32-page novelette, written by Barker.




The first named character introduced, Agonistes is a mysterious manipulator of flesh.

He is an ancient entity that was possibly created by God. It is he that turned Krieger and Lucidique into monsters.



Daughter of a senator, after witnessing his death she shows Zarles Krieger where Agonistes resides. Shortly after Scythe Meister killed the emperor, Krieger's former boss sent his sons to capture and interrogate Lucidique about Scythe Meister. Lucidique was murdered in the desert, but Agonistes turned her into a monster. Soon there after, she killed her murderer and went back home to find The Scythe Meister and falls in love with him. She witnesses the death of him at the hands of Venal Anatomica and blinds him, leaving him to wander helpless through Primodium.


The Scythe-MeisterEdit

A young assassin from the poorest part of Primodium. He enjoyed severely mutilating his victims before killing them. After meeting Lucidique and murdering her father, he decided to ask Agonistes to turn him into a monster. After 8 nights and days, he was resurrected as the Scythe Meister. The Scythe Meister then proceeded to kill the current emperor of Primodium. Scythe Meister fell in love with the monster Lucidique and they became lovers. He was later killed by Venal Anatomica.



A scientist hired by General Montefalco. Talisac was a thin man who wilfully experimented on himself and others. He suspended himself by his mouth from hooks and had made an artificial womb made for himself for birthing Mongroid. Unstable and addicted to numerous medications, Talisac believed he was bringing forth another virgin birth. Mongroid ate him.



The child Talisac had been expecting; it grew in the fake womb for seventeen weeks. Once born, it looked somewhat like Talisac, except being crablike and being forced to walk on four hands. A creature of pure instinct, it killed and devoured Talisac. It then went to the sewers to live.


Venal AnatomicaEdit

A nine feet tall monster made of rotten flesh, Venal Anatomica was one of Dr. Talisac's failures. Montefalco wished it to be completed in order to get rid of the two monsters (The Scythe Meister and Lucidique), which were haunting Primodium. Strong and apparently immune to pain, Venal Anatomica succeeded in killing The Scythe Meister, but was overcome by Lucidique who blinded him. Venal then spent the rest of his life eating bodies from a graveyard.

Tortured Souls 2: The FallenEdit

A second series titled Tortured Souls 2: The Fallen was released the following year. The appearance of the new figures was more visceral than the first toy line, with less reliance on the bondage-like clothing styles of the first series and more reliance on surgical alteration and mutilation or, as Clive Barker described it, "the use of flesh as canvas." Additionally, characters of Tortured Souls 2: The Fallen neither appeared in the original novella nor came with any additional story writing.



Camille Noire


Suffering Bob









Tortured Souls: Animae DamnataeEdit

Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae is a film adaption of Clive Barker’s original line of Tortured Souls toys. It is still in preproduction, so any information is viable to change. The tagline for the film is Six Destinies – One Legacy.

News of the plotline is that it revolves around the city of Primordium, a corrupt monarchy governed city.